Client Case Studies

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DiResta Communications:
How a tiny business got Wall St Journal press
with a smart viral video campaign.


The Cobb School / Montessori:
Brand building for an academic institution.

Sorrell Ridge Fruit Spreads:
The edgy campaign that increased national sales 50%
and became a Harvard Business case study.


Fairfield County PR Association
A 350% increase in Online Engagement in a month.
A Reach increase from 0 to 639 in one week.


French Toast Clothes:
Building a brand with a social conscience.

Marble Collegiate Church:
The local campaign that got international press
and became a textbook case study.


Leighton Umbrellas:
Building a brand from scratch with a quality message.

Kenneth Cole Shoes:
Creating an International Brand and International Fashion Icon.

Child Abuse Prevention / NBA:
Cause marketing with a 57% national response and a White House honor.


Daffy's Offprice Retail:
An award-winning campaign with national press
and a 25% sales increase.

Solgar Vitamins:
Solving a 47-year old marketing problem.

The Commodity Exchange:
Making a dull product sexy with an award-winning campaign
and national press.

Amadeus Travel Technology Systems
The Rebranding Effort that Re-established a Leadership Position.

Big Apple Circus in Stamford, CT
How Low Cost Guerrilla Marketing created High Profile Local Buzz.

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