Building a successful brand with a social conscience.


French Toast markets and licenses moderately priced clothes for kids: infants to 13.

Create a strong, positive, brand image that appeals to moms while being "cool" enough to appeal to status-conscious pre-teens. No small task considering the divergent mind sets. And do it while being outspent by competitors Healthtex and Gap Kids.

First, leverage the brand's most distinctive quality -- its name -- with new, cool tagline: "You don't eat'em. You wear'em." We then combined a fashion forward looking campaign (that appealed to kids) with socially conscious messages (that appealed to moms). In essence, we made having a social consciousness "fashionable". See print and TV campaign.

VP of Marketing, Craig Kalter said that the advertising "directly contributed to an annual sales increase of 25%. French Toast attracted new licensees and now enjoys a strong brand identity." And, school teachers requested enlarged copies of the ads to hang in their classrooms.
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