The Cobb Montessori School

Brand building for an academic institution.


Despite its 30-years of existence many area parents had no perception of the school beyond its private status and higher cost. Additionally, to many, "Montessori" was a foreign, esoteric concept. Yet, the school was/is the best in the region.

In a very competitive educational environment and terrible economy the marketing goal was to convince these parents that The Cobb School was the absolute best place for their child.


Step 1: Marketing Therapy which determined the need for a compelling brand identity with             more aggressive, creative marketing leveraging the many Cobb School attributes.

Step 2: Create a strong, positive, memorable tagline.

Step 3: Create a strong, positive and memorable direct mail piece targeting the local parents.

Step 4: Replace expensive, ineffective local print ads with more effective web marketing via a compelling and informational video testimonial campaign featured on the school website, Facebook page, and YouTube. The videos could also be adapted to local cable TV.

Step 5: Fuel the effort with additional guerrilla marketing tactics to help generate local buzz             and regional press.


From Client: "Early enrollments are at one of their highest levels in years. The Trustees were stunned and absolutely LOVED the work. Bravo!"

From Parents: "Great stuff...I've got chills!!" "Loved the mailer! Rock on!"

From Cobb Board Chairman: "WOW. GREAT, GREAT work."

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