Solgar Vitamins

Solving a 47-year old marketing problem.


Solgar’s leadership position was being pressured by increased competition and a sliding category.

Strengthen Solgar's leadership position by reinforcing its quality image. But, since "quality" is often difficult to prove, especially in a category like vitamins, doing this would not be easy.

Any quality message needs clear, truthful support. The first step was to understand everything about Solgar’s methods and high standards of quality control. We spent a full day at the Solgar labs and from the experience extrapolated a number of important facts to support a quality message. These facts were then creatively interpreted into a campaign.

In a New York Magazine article CEO Rand Scolnick stated that the agency’s "powerful creative.. got across the message we’ve tried to get across for 47 years." The result was so successful that Solgar expanded efforts to the consumer market.
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