Marble Collegiate Church

The local campaign that got international press and became a marketing textbook case study.

Marble was a vibrant NYC church with uplifting programs for people of all ages and lifestyles.

Attract more younger people who knew nothing about Marble and, for the most part, were highly cynical about church. We somehow had to make Marble Church both relevant and cool and do that on a limited budget without alienating church conservatives or tainting a 376-year heritage. A tough challenge.

A smart, edgy, but playful, guerrilla marketing campaign using pithy irreverent headlines that highlighted the many unique Marble benefits. It utilized a creative media mix of mobile billboards, transit posters, outdoor kiosks, postcards, a new website and even a strategically applied airplane banner. All media was bundled under a simple, positive, branding tagline: "Marble Church. Where Good Things Happen."

According to church stats membership increased over 30% two years after the campaign broke as web traffic increased 10 fold. The creative campaign and media mix also attracted positive national press in The New York Times, USA Today, TIME, the New York Daily News, ADWEEK and others. It was even featured in a college textbook, Principles of Marketing (Prentice Hall) and discussed on a nationally syndicated TV broadcast.

A follow-up church study (reported Feb '04) revealed that more new people were driven to the church from the ad campaign than from the church cable TV and radio broadcasts combined. Said Minister Arthur Caliandro: The ads are "brilliant. They are doing great things for the church." The campaign ran for 14 years.

(Hear minister Arthur Caliandro discuss the campaign here )

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