Campaign increased membership 30%
got international press and
became a textbook case study.


Marble was a vibrant NYC church with uplifting programs for people of all ages and lifestyles.


Attract more young people who didn't know Marble and weren't really into church. We had to somehow make
Marble more cool without alienating church conservatives or tainting a 376-year heritage. A big challenge.


An outdoor poster and guerrilla marketing campaign using playful, irreverent headlines that highlighted the unique Marble benefits. The simple, positive tagline was: "Marble Church. Where
Good Things Happen."


According the church, membership increased over 30% two years after the campaign began while website traffic increased 10 fold.

The campaign also attracted positive national press in The New York Times, USA Today, TIME, the NY Daily News, ADWEEK and others. It was even featured in a Prentice-Hall marketing textbook and discussed on a nationally syndicated TV show.

A follow-up church study revealed that more new members came in from our work than from all other church marketing initiatives (TV, radio, newspapers) combined. Said Minister Arthur Caliandro: The ads are "brilliant. They are doing great things for the church." The campaign ran for 14 years.

Hear minister Caliandro discuss the campaign.

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