Buzz Marketing, Non-traditional, it goes by a few names, but the idea is the same: A more cost-effective, creative way of sparking attention and interest.

Here's how we've done that for a few clients . . .

Marble Collegiate Church (NYC)

To grow the church the minister wanted to target more young people and hired us to help.

Since it was summertime, we targeted The Hamptons, the go-to summer spot for younger Manhattanites. Our idea was an airplane banner, with a short, playful message flying over the Hampton beaches.

Another idea was this Mobile Billboard cruising around New York City. Like the airplane banner it was the perfect blend of media and message.

Our effort not only attracted our target, it attracted great national press including The New York Times, ADWEEK, TIME, USAToday, and The NY Daily News.

It then became a case study in a college marketing textbook "Principles of Marketing". We also got interviewed on a TV show.

Street Marketing is another form of Guerrilla Marketing.

Our client, "The NYC Seaport Line", competed directly with the much more popular and famous "Circle Line" boat tour. So, we had to do something attention-getting, smart, and, of course, cost-effective.

Because our tour was shorter, we turned that into an advantage. We created a provocative, competitive (vs Circle Line) headline and printed it on 1000 barf bags.

Our Street Marketing Swat Team gave them to tourists stuck in lines for Circle Line tickets. Shuttle buses would then whisk the converted tourists down the road to "The Better Boat Tour" of New York.

We used a similar Guerrilla tactic for a CT fundraising event.


A week long performance of The Big Apple Circus with proceeds going toward a major civic project.


To create a buzz and help fill seats we packaged 5,000 red styrofoam clown noses with a discount coupon for the show. They were distributed to the public by street teams (in Malls, etc) and also distributed to local elementary schools.

A kick-off press conference included the mayor, and others, wearing the clown nose.

It made a great story for local news, and pics and video from the event were posted on all Social Media channels for extended marketing purposes.


The show sold out immediately and had to be extended a second week due to demand.

To discuss a Guerrilla Marketing effort for your business, contact us.


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