Building a brand from scratch
with a great tagline and great ads.



Leighton is the brand name for a line of superior quality umbrellas manufactured in Taiwan by Futai Industries. For 30 years, Futai was the manufacturer for Totes.


With zero U.S. brand recognition, Futai needed to introduce Leighton to American trade and consumer markets. Moreover, it had to do it against well entrenched, heavier spending competitors such as Totes and Isotoner.


Because of product superiority -- in both quality and product range and design -- we concluded that we had to leverage that to differentiate Leighton from its competition. Once "The world’s best umbrella" cleared legal, it became the underlying theme. Witty, product-focused ads were then developed for trade, consumer and outdoor media.


An award-winning campaign that had buyers going crazy. According to client testimony, "Follis created a trade campaign that gave us near total industry awareness within three months."

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