(Jan. '12) New Year. New Business for Follis.

(Sept. '11) New Ad Marks 13th Year of Campaign.

(April. '11) Follis chosen Contributer to ADWEEK/AOL website.

(Jan. '11) Follis writes G-cred ebook.

(Nov. '10) Follis launches "G-cred" website.

(May. '10) Clowns Invade Stamford, CT

(March. '10) Follis Relaunches "Marketing Show" Podcast.

(Nov. '09) Follis Helps Brand Chinese Translation Business.

(Nov. '09) Follis Wins Skin Cream Assignment.

(Oct. '09) Follis Wins Business Award.

(Aug. '09) Follis adds three new clients.

(March. '09) Follis Introduces Logo and Web "Facelift."

(Nov. '08) Follis adds three new clients.

(Oct. '08) Viral Vote Ad Targets Millions Online.

(June. '08) Follis Speaks at Yale.

(Nov. '07) Follis adds three new clients.

(June. '07) John Follis on Wikipedia.

(May '07, ADWEEK) "Got G-Cred?"

(Oct '06) "Marketing Man" (Follis Business News Feature)

(May '06) Follis Launches "The Follis Marketing Report."

(May '06, ADWEEK) "Podcasting Grows Up."

(March '06) Follis Launches "The Marketing Show" Podcast.

(Jan. '06) Follis adds three new clients.

(Nov. '05) Follis on Amazon.com.

(Aug. '05) Follis adds two new clients.

(Nov. '04) Follis Talk Rates Tops at AMA.

(Oct. '04) Viral Vote Ad Doubles Site Traffic.

(Feb. '04) Kenneth Cole Book features Follis Creative.

(Dec. '03) Follis Helps MCC Branding Effort.

(May '03) Follis adds Good News to Goodnewsbroadcast.com

(Jan. '03) National Campaign for Amadeus assigned to Follis.

(Dec. '02) Follis Wins Best Agency Website Award.

(Aug. '02) Follis Campaign to be Taught in College Text.

(June. '02) Follis' "MAD AVE" takes Naked Peek at Ad Biz.

(Nov. '01) ADWEEK "Quote of the Week."

(Aug. '01) Church Touts Website for "Fast, Fast, Fast Relief."

(July '01, Interview) Business and Society Alliance

(June '01) Follis Breaks Campaign For Guideposts Magazine.

(May '01) Golden Web Award to Follis.

(April '01, ADWEEK column) "Survivor : Mad Ave."

(April '01, ADWEEK) Ads With Muscle.

(April '01, ADWEEK column) "Selling God."

(May '00) Follis gets Marriott TV Project.

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